Our Services

You’ve got an old dosing or mixing station, but you want to have the newest functionality and usability? We upgrade your machines with the newest devices and contollers - up to wireless webserver monitoring. Contact us to find out which options are available for your machine!

Upgrade Options

Performance Increase

With newer dosing and mixing devices

Data Logging

Monitor consumption of flockulants

Powerful Pumps

Sludge Flows up to 600m3/h

Wireless Monitoring

Also viewable on Smartphones

We accompany you on the way to perfectly handle your dewatering projects or improve your processes.


Of our machines and attached systems

Process Planing

We help you with designing an efficient dewatering process

Phone Support

We are always on the phone if you need us

Lab Tests

We test your sediments and find the best dewatering solution

Innovation - with and by FMfloc.

The improvement of our Products and Services is on top priority for us. We improve and simplify our devices and machines in a constant process of improvement - to improve and simplify the way our customers work with them. Especially to ensure backward compatibility of the newest solutions is always a challenge, which we love to accept. With FMfloc it's possible to modernize a dewatering process piece by piece - or to easily replace it completely. You need a special solution for your process? Together we will find a perfect solution - even if this makes changes or redesign of our equipment necessary.

Design and Innovation


Our focus is easy usability for quick and efficient training.

Newest Components

We always use the newest devices from well known suppliers.


We upgrade our products all the time


Consumption can be monitored via smartphone